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Photographs from GMB Akash are an essential part of My Equal Life -project

Päivitetty: 16. tammik. 2023

Caritas Finland’s My Equal Life (Samanarvoinen elämäni) project began in May 2021.The project aims to raise awareness about global inequality through photographs. The project includes eighteen images and related stories by GMB Akash, a Bangladeshi photographer.

Akash appreciatively portrays people on the margins of societies and gives them the opportunity to make their voices heard.

The pictures and stories are on display both on the project’s website and in an exhibition touring seven cities in Finland. The website gallery and the first exhibition opened in Turku at the beginning of November 2021 and the last exhibition will open in Tampere in January 2023.

We have applied for funding so that the photo exhibitions and the entire My equal life project could continue in 2023-2025. We are waiting for the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' decision on our funding application in early 2023.

Photo exhibitions in the following cities in Finland.

1) Turku 2.-29.11.2021, Turku Main Library

2) Kouvola 4.1.-27.2.2022, Kouvola Main Library

3) Vaasa 3.3.-28.4.2022, Vaasa Main Library

4) Helsinki 28.–29.5.2022, World willage festival

5) Helsinki 2.-29.6.2022, Galleria Kajava – Vallila Library

6) Oulu 2.-29.8.2022, Oulu Main Library

7) Kuopio 4.-15.2022, Kuopio Main Library

8) Jyväskylä 18.10.-3.11.2022, Jyväskylä Main Library

9) Tampere 3.1.-21.1.2023, Tampere Main Library Metso

In addition to the photographs, Caritas Finland has produced educational material about inequality and its reduction. Inequality has a tangible impact on the lives of billions of people, but we all can contribute to reducing inequality, for example, through development cooperation and our own choices of living.

The aim of the project is to increase awareness about inequality, arouse compassion and bring the experiences of people living in distant developing countries closer to ordinary Finnish people.

This year the project addressed different themes related to inequality for example social media campaign and photography competition.

My Equal Life is a Caritas Finland’s project and Laura Koskelainen is the project coordinator.

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