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New GMB Akash exhibitions opening in Finland

Päivitetty: 15. tammik.

Photographs from GMB Akash are an essential part of My Equal Life (Samanarvoinen elämäni) -project. The Caritas Finland’s project aims to raise awareness about global inequality through the medium of photography. The project encompasses a collection of eighteen images accompanied by associated stories captured by GMB Akash, a prominent Bangladeshi photographer. Akash’s work portrays individuals from the margins of societies, providing them with a platform to raise their voices and experiences. The photos and stories aim to resonate with the viewer, evoking empathy and compassion.

The photographs and stories are exhibited on the project’s official website and are also showcased in a touring exhibition across six cities in Finland. The schedules dates and locations for the exhibition are as follows:

  • Mikkeli from 15th to 31st August 2023, Mikkeli main library, Mikkeli hall, Raatihuoneenkatu 6

  • Lappeenranta from19th September to 30th October 2023, Lappeenranta main library, Iso-Kristiina 2nd floor, Kaivokatu 5

  • Rantasalmi from 24th November to 27th December, Rantasalmi Library, Eliel Saarisen tie 2, 58900 Rantasalmi

  • Pietarsaari / Jakobstad from 9th to 26th January 2024, Pietarsaari / Jakobstad City Library, Runeberginkatu 12

  • Joensuu from 6th to 23rd February 2024, Joensuu City Library, Koskikatu 25

Exhibitions in Helsinki and Rovaniemi are also planned for either 2023 or 2024 with specific dates and venues to be announced later on this page.

GMB Akash has already held nine successful exhibitions in Finland. The first exhibition opened in Turku in early November 2021, followed by exhibitions in Kouvola, Vaasa, Helsinki, Oulu, Kuopio, and Tampere in January 2023.

These exhibitions form an integral part of My equal life -project that is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland. The project serves a dual purpose: to increase awareness and understanding of global inequality while bringing the experiences of individuals residing in developing countries closer to people in Finland. Additionally, the project aims to reflect on inequality in Finland and find ways to reduce inequality both within Finland and globally. In this project, inequality is understood broadly to encompass aspects such as age, gender, disability, race, nationality or origin, religion, economic status, and other forms of unequal circumstances.

The theme of inequality is effectively conveyed through the combination of the photo exhibition, accompanying narratives, reflection materials, a social media campaign and dedicated workshops tailored for students. The material will be published in English and Swedish in August 2023. The project involves collaboration with researcher Riikka Suhonen from the University of Helsinki, who facilitates workshops in vocational schools.

The project is collaborating with various social media influencers through cooperation with the influencer marketing experts of PING Helsinki. PING Helsinki has extensive experience in influencer marketing and communication strategies that promote sustainable development goals. Caritas Finland has a history of fruitful cooperation with PING Helsinki.

My Equal Life is a Caritas Finland’s project where Laura Koskelainen is the project coordinator (

For updates and information, please visit the project’s social media channels (currently available in Finnish, later updates also in Swedish and English)


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