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My Equal Life – digital photo exhibition

My Equal Life photo exhibition wants to highlight what inequality looks like in today’s Finland and how we can reduce it. With the exhibition we wish to portray a new kind of imagery about people living in Finland and their situations in life. The imagery that we’re usually exposed to largely consists of native Finns, who are healthy, wealthy, and young.

Inequality is unjust difference in how different people are treated, which reflects on individual’s well-being, and which can be avoided. Inequality can be related to for instance well-being, healthcare, economy, ethnicity, gender, age or living conditions. Inequality related themes are explored in the educational material we have prepared for My Equal Life project.

In 2022, together with The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs, Caritas Finland held a photo competition with the theme My Equal Life. The best photos are in online photo exhibition on this page. The exhibit wanted to raise awareness on inequality-related themes and introduce ways to reduce inequality.

The photos on display in this digital exhibition can be found at the bottom of this page. The adjacent information lists their ranking in the actual photo contest and the results of the public vote. We wish to thank all of you who participated!

The exhibition is part of Caritas Finland’s namesake project, which seeks to raise awareness about inequality, promote compassion and bring the experiences of those living in distant developing countries close to a regular people living in Finland. A key role in the project is played by the photographs by Bangladeshi photographer GMB Akash, whose work provides a glimpse into the daily lives of people of

Below you’ll see the Top 3 of the photo contest. The next gallery features photos #4-#18.

Photography competition places 4-18

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