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GMB Akash

Photographer and a storyteller

GMB Akash is a Bangladeshi photographer, whose photos tell stories of people living on the margins of the society. He has been collecting these people’s stories for more than two decades. He has photographed
many disenfranchised groups such as prostitutes, casteless (Dalits) and disabled people.

Akash maintains contact with the people he’s photographed even after the shoots. Over the years he found agonizing to see how their situations had not improved, so he set out to help them himself. Akash has founded a school to ensure children of poor families, too, have access to education. He also trains people in photography. He has seen the power of education and how it improves people’s standard of living.

Akash has won over hundred international awards and his work has been featured in many prominent publications such as The Guardian, Vogue, Time, Sunday Times ja Newsweek.

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